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CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As the digital therapeutics (DTx) pipeline continues to grow, AmerisourceBergen today announced plans to launch DTx Connect, a fully integrated ordering, dispensing and fulfillment platform aimed at providing patient access to physician-prescribed digital therapeutics and diagnostics to facilitate. The platform, which seamlessly integrates with Electronic Medical Records (EMR), enables physicians to easily access and order prescription and non-prescription DTx through their ePrescription workflow and then monitor patient compliance.

DTx is a rapidly growing category within digital health, providing patients with clinical interventions directly through software to treat, manage or prevent a wide range of diseases and disorders, including behavioral disorders and diabetes. The products, which occasionally require a prescription, can be used as standalone therapies or in combination with other treatments or devices. Digital therapeutics differ from other digital health tools in part because they require regulatory approval or certification to support claims of risk, efficacy, and intended use. The market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 25% in the United States from 2022 to 2030.

Several digital healthcare companies plan to trial the platform, including Mahana Therapeutics, a leading developer of prescription digital therapeutics aimed at empowering patients with chronic health conditions, and Videra Health, an AI-powered video assessment and remote patient monitoring platform.

“While there is tremendous potential in digital therapeutics and diagnostics, addressing challenges across the provider workflow and patient journey remains critical to unlocking the value of these products,” said Jason Dinger, SVP of Strategy and Innovation at AmerisourceBergen. “Given our role in the supply chain and our portfolio of commercialization services, we are uniquely positioned to develop a solution aimed at addressing unmet needs and helping patients begin and retain physician-prescribed products. DTx Connect allows us to provide enhanced support throughout the product lifecycle, in addition to AmerisourceBergen’s patient support and market access advisory services, thereby helping to improve accessibility.”

DTx Connect, which is EMR and brand agnostic, provides a secure, real-time digital connection between developers and physicians via the EMR. The platform is powered by a collaboration with patient engagement technology company Twistle. Key features include:

  • Electronic prescription via EMR: Physicians can search for digital therapeutics and diagnostic tools via a digital catalog and then order the products within their e-prescription workflow.
  • Efficient Delivery and Fulfillment: After a doctor orders a product, DTx Connect sends a welcome message on behalf of the care team via SMS or within the patient portal. Patients will also receive an electronic link to download the prescription or non-prescription product and access educational materials.
  • Patient Support Services: Patient services – delivered via SMS, a digital companion app, and phone calls with clinical teams – aim to simplify the onboarding and onboarding process, engage patients throughout the course of treatment, and monitor and manage adherence to therapy.
  • Patient Status Alerts: DTx Connect provides clinicians with patient status alerts, including patient compliance notifications. Increased visibility throughout the patient journey enables physicians to make more informed decisions and guide treatment plans in support of the prescribed therapy regimen.

“AmerisourceBergen has spent decades ensuring patients have timely access to healthcare products. Your experience will bring a unique perspective to our community, especially as we adopt DTx Connect,” said Andy Molnar, CEO of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTA), a global nonprofit trade association of industry leaders and stakeholders committed to evidence-based advances, and AmerisourceBergen is a member of DTA.”Putting digital therapeutics into the hands of more people who need them is a key focus of DTA’s global efforts, and platforms like DTx Connect will help expand access to high-quality, evidence-based DTx products.”

The launch of DTx Connect strengthens the support AmerisourceBergen offers to DTx developers throughout the commercialization process. In addition to the capabilities available through DTx Connect, AmerisourceBergen can provide services to support DTx developers’ strategic planning and go-to-market, including market access consulting, real-world evidence planning, and engagement with healthcare decision makers through AB’s FormularyDecisions platform. For more information on DTx Connect, visit:

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