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LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE). The fund focuses on supporting companies in the Launch House community, as well as other high-growth early-stage startups. The introduction of House Capital will continue to support Launch House by creating a momentum as the majority of the Fund’s income will flow back into Launch House itself. This additional revenue will allow Launch House to create a stronger program and better experiences for members.

Founded by Michael Houck, Brett Goldstein and Jacob Peters, House Capital aims to build the company’s existing relationships with founders early in their journey. House Capital has previously invested alongside top tier lead investors such as a16z, Sequoia, Paradigm and Y Combinator. Founders of startups in which House Capital invests receive lifetime membership in the Launch House community and unlimited access to community amenities, including fundraising support, digital cohort-based cohorts, and exclusive personal residencies and retreats around the world.

“Launch House has deep and authentic relationships with the early-stage founders who join our community,” said Michael Houck, GP at House Capital and co-founder of Launch House. “We’ve already supported Launch House members in their fundraising efforts, so it was a natural step for us to invest in these founders ourselves.”

Since inception in January 2022, the firm has invested in a number of pre-seed and seed-stage companies including Coinbooks, Ghost Financial, Anja Health and more. In just a few short months, many House Capital portfolio companies have raised additional rounds of funding at higher valuations, demonstrating the value of the Launch House and House Capital networks as a driver of attractive deal flows.

“There are so many mission-driven founders and inspiring companies that we meet in the Launch House community,” said Brett Goldstein, GP at House Capital and co-founder of Launch House. “House Capital gives us a new way to accelerate them on these missions to solve real problems and move the world forward.”

House Capital’s limited partnership base includes a variety of individuals from across the technology and entertainment ecosystem. The LPs include the co-founders of Dropbox, YouTube and Riot Games, as well as Michael Ovitz, Peter Hollens, Serena Williams and C-level operators from Polygon Studios. The company also counts GPs from other funds among its LPs, including a16z’s Andrew Chen and Sriram Krishnan, NEA’s Rick Yang and NFX’s James Currier. Creators like Peter Hollens and Bored Elon Musk round out the group.

“We are fortunate to have some great investors, operators and founders as LPs at House Capital,” said Jacob Peters, GP at House Capital and co-founder of Launch House. “We are well positioned to support and grow the next generation of inspirational founders both inside and outside of the Launch House community.”

House Capital is also uniquely comprised of two underlying funds – a standard 506(b) venture partnership and a 506(c) vehicle that allows the firm to solicit investment from additional smaller check accredited LPs. House Capital isn’t the only company taking a more community-centric approach to ventures — funds like Weekend Fund and Earnest Capital have raised millions from the crowd over the past year — part of a broader shift toward an ownership-based economy.

If you would like to apply to be an LP in our remaining 506c fund allocation, please complete this application. For more information, please visit House.VC.

About house capital

House Capital is a pre-seed and seed venture capital firm that invests in early-stage companies. The company values ​​building authentic relationships with founders from the idea phase and helping them bring the product to market.

See House.VC for more information

About Launchhouse

Launch House is the social club dedicated to helping aspiring leaders improve and live better lives. The Launch House Community is a curated group of founders, engineers and investors shaping the future.

Community membership includes access to our intimate IRL coliving residencies in major cities, desirable destinations and at conferences around the world. Membership also includes executive coaching opportunities, fundraising assistance, unlimited access to our digital cohort-based courses and coworking clubhouses in major cities. Launch House helps foster learning and professional development and deep, authentic relationships, rather than transactional networking opportunities.

Community selection is through a competitive process with thousands of applicants each year. Launch House currently has locations in Los Angeles, New York City and the Metaverse.

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